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My Portfolio


"Color is the reflection of our soul."
Radiant, lively, happy, harmonious - these are my pictures.
They are meant to express "eye catchers" of everyday life.
My pictures are a play of colours that is intended to touch.
I have been able to collect a lot of inspiration on my travels around the world.
The pulsating tapestry of city life, magical calm of underwater worlds, street markets full of life, smells of spices and culinary delights. A fascination with colors and texture that is reflected in my pictures.
Everyday impulses, feelings and impressions flow into my pictures. Due to their complexity and their different layers, the pictures give you the opportunity to discover something new again and again and open up scope for your own interpretations and thoughts

Please find a collection of some of my Art.
I am in the process of building this new website.

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